Send money. Receive money. Make money.
Finally, an app that pays you to send and receive payments. When you use Metal Pay, you can transfer money to anyone, any time, and be rewarded instantly for it every time.
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Metal. Meet Pop.
Collect up to 5% bonus on payments you send and receive with Metal Pay. The bonus is paid to you in Metal, our cryptocurrency. We call this bonus "Pop".
It’s your Metal.
Pop it. Cash it. Spend it.
Once you’ve earned Metal by popping it, you can cash out at any time by sending it to your bank. It’s a whole new way of making money, and spending it couldn’t be easier.
Metal Pay Supports
It’s all there.
 Go ahead, look.
Metal Pay makes it simple to keep track of where your money goes. See who has paid you and who you need to pay by reviewing your payments at any time.
How do you
 know it’s real?
Metal Pay reimagines money and makes cryptocurrency real. It’s at your fingertips waiting for a world full of experiences. So, what are you going to do with your Metal?
Ready. Set. Go.
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