Metal Pay is launching.
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Get free cryptocurrency when you Pay your friends.
Yup, you heard that right.
When you use Metal Pay to send money to your friends, we’ll reward you with cryptocurrency, for free.
Metal Pay is the best way to send money.
Paying has never been this much fun.
Sending money costs nothing.
Pay anyone, anytime, for free.
We’ll pay you for paying.
Send money. Earn crypto. It’s that easy.
The easiest way to send money.
We’ve completely rethought the payment experience and made it simple, fun, free, and oh-so rewarding.
Choose how you want to Pay.
Pay your friends with cash directly from the app, your bank, or even in crypto.
Get paid when you Pay.
You’ll earn crypto in the form of Metal, our native currency,
and soon you’ll be able to earn many more currencies.
What can I do with Metal?
The Metal currency is made for everyday use, so cash it out to your bank, pay someone with it, or save it and watch it grow.
Cryptocurrency is real money.
We know crypto can seem really hard, but Metal is here to change all that, and in the process, reshape money.
Coming to a state near you.
We’re initially launching in these states, with the rest to follow soon. Check back to find out when we launch in your state.