Metal Team
Marshall Hayner
Serial entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. A strong advocate of blockchain, Marshall believes in changing the world through technology.
Glenn Marien
General crypto wizard and full stack developer. Glenn loves quality Belgian beers, spicy memes, building amazing apps, and the outdoors.
Irina Berkon
Forbes featured finance executive, a CPA with over 15 years of progressive hands-on experience in corporate finance.
Our mission.
They say the world revolves around money. But what does money revolve around? We say it revolves around people, that our desires and experiences determine its value.

Money is not the means to an end. It’s the means to a beginning. We believe in a better world, where money works for us and we don’t work for money. Where we work for beliefs, causes, and people. That’s what we do at Metal.

Let’s change the way the world views money. It’s time for a better world. It’s time for Metal.